About Music Workshop

Our Approach

For over 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of learning from incredible master teachers and musicians worldwide. This journey has given me unique insights into effective music education. At Music Workshop, we believe in the power of music-making, friendly coaching, and hands-on learning.

Sean Jesseau, School Director – Music Workshop


What Sets Us Apart

  1. Rhythm First: We place rhythm at the core of music education. Rhythm instruments like hand drums, marimbas, and percussion are integrated into many lessons, enhancing coordination and musical depth.
  2. Learn by Playing: We prioritize playing and creating music from day one. It’s the fastest and most encouraging way to learn. While we do cover theory and reading, our focus for beginner students is on developing a musical mind through musical pattern recognition, coordination challenges, and ensemble playing with your teacher.
  3. Customized Learning: We tailor our curriculum to each student’s unique goals and strengths. No one-size-fits-all approach here. Your needs guide our teaching.
  4. Year-End Recital: We encourage performance, appreciation, and feedback through an optional but highly recommended year-end recital, fostering accomplishment and confidence.




What You Can Expect

At Music Workshop, you’ll experience:

  1. More Playtime: Spend more time playing music.
  2. Optimal Sound: Achieve your best sound.
  3. Success: Feel successful on your musical journey.
  4. Regular Goal Achievement: Make consistent progress towards your goals.




Our teachers are dedicated to a friendly, coaching, and mentor-style approach that emphasizes music over drills or theory-only instruction. We’re a team of inspiring, highly qualified musicians who are passionate about helping you enjoy and excel in music.

Come see for yourself. We’d love to provide a musical education for you or your family!

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