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“The piano ain’t got no wrong notes.” – Thelonious Monk


At Music Workshop we celebrate the transformative power of music. Whether you’re looking to express your creative spirit or fine-tune your cognitive skills, our team of skilled, experienced and highly dedicated teachers is here to guide you on a fun and enjoyable journey of musical discovery and personal growth.

Our one-on-one lessons are thoughtfully tailored to your personal goals and follow a progressive and structured approach. For all levels and ages.

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What We Teach


Piano Lessons

Learn essential piano skills, technique and reading; the foundational knowledge for contemporary styles. Register→


Guitar Lessons

Strum your way to success while learning good technique, improvisation and composition. Register→


Bass Lessons

We have bass specialists on staff with many years of successful teaching under their belt. Register→


Drums & Percussion Lessons

Rhythm is the heart of music.  Start here and give your rhythmic skills and confidence a head start to play any other instrument. Drum set, Hand drums, RAV drums or Hand pan, Congas, Cajon, Darbouka, Dounbek, and Djembe. Register→


Seagull Merlin Lessons

The Merlin is a cross between a mini guitar and a dulcimer making it the ultimate introduction to stringed instruments, for all ages! Arrange a visit to try them. Beautiful, inexpensive and made in Canada. Register→


Songwriting Lessons

Pop, rock, blues, jazz songs and instrumental tunes! Sharpen your pencil and explore your creativity with our songwriting instructors. Register→


Digital Music Lessons

Explore the technological aspect of music making. Synthesizers, MIDI, DAWs, mobile apps and more. Register→


Voice Lessons

Develop a strong vocal technique for Pop, Rock and Musical Theatre styles. Register→


Exclusive to Music Workshop


★ Intro to Music Making

Our program for younger musicians or anyone who wants to try a variety of instruments. Students experience musical results quickly through exploring acoustic instruments including hand drums, hand percussion, drum set and mallet percussion like the RAV drum and real wooden marimbas.


A RAV drum

These instruments are always in tune and are magnetic to a student’s interest and curiosity. The motions are easy to learn and the “targets” are big!

Students interested in exploring stringed instruments or piano & keyboard often start with this program. You don’t need your own instrument! Intro to Music Making is designed to be a fun and engaging start to your musical journey. Private lessons for ages 7 and up. 30 or 45 minute sessions.

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→ Our facility features high quality instruments, numerous modern studios and a comfortable waiting room.

→ We offer an equal monthly, post-dated payment plan. Families also have the option of pre-paying tuition.

→ You can learn to play music and we can make it happen! Contact us to discuss your music goals. We are committed to every student’s success.

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