Lessons & Classes

In his remarkable book “The Brain That Changes Itself,” Dr. Norman Doidge identifies “learning to play a musical instrument” as one of a handful of activities that will increase “neural plasticity” in a systematic, sequential and challenging way. This is exactly what the brain requires for vitality and health throughout our lives. Instruments are highly recommended for all people of all ages!

What Do We Teach?

We offer the best lessons with the best teachers! Here are the different programs we provide:

  • Piano
    From beginner to advanced we teach all skill levels in both classical and contemporary styles.
  • Voice
    Whether it be singer/songwriter, front-man/woman or backing vocalist, we’ll teach you the skills every vocalist needs.
  • Guitar
    Whether you’re looking to learn the basics or become a first rate shredder we have teachers who will take you there.
  • Bass
    The bottom end of a band can hold it together and we’ll show you how!
  • Drums/Percussion
    The most essential skills in music can be learned from these classes. Rhythm controls the heart of music and if you start here it’s easier to grow to any other instrument.
  • Songwriting
    Pop, rock and acoustic tunes become easy and fun with our songwriting instructors.
  • Digital Music
    If you’ve realized that you want to explore the new frontier of music you can find it here. We can teach you the basics of synthesizers, MIDI, DAWs, and much more.


Lessons are taught by a team of talented, dedicated and professional teachers, six days a week on: guitar, bass, drums, piano, vocals, music theory, songwriting and demo recording.

Exclusive to Music Workshop, we offer Intro to Music Making. This is a program for younger musicians or for anyone who wants to explore a variety of instruments before choosing a main instrument.

Our facility features numerous comfortable and modern studios with an adjoining waiting room and quality instruments.

We offer an equal monthly, post-dated payment plan. Families also have the option of pre-paying tuition if they so wish.

You can learn to play music. We can make it happen. We are committed to every student’s success. The first step is up to you.

Call today to book your appointment or click here to register online.