You can use either of these calendars to check which holidays affect your lesson schedule.

However! Saturday students do not have lessons on: December 28, January 4th and March 15th.

Otherwise these calendars do illustrate our school days, holidays and start and end dates.
We DO teach on all the professional, activity days.

Thunder Bay Catholic District School Board 2024-2025 School Year Calendar

Lakehead Public Schools 2024-2025 Elementary School Year Calendar

Downloads AND GUIDES

Practice Tips

How To Tune a Guitar


Online Resources

Here you will find a regularly updating list of Helpful Hints, repair and maintenance instructions and videos.

Everything from how to tune your guitar to videos about the latest sound synthesis can be found on theĀ Language Of Music.


For guitarists

What guage of guitar or bass string matches the tension you need?


Digital Music Making

One Motion has slick apps for Music Making. Try drum machine programming or chord sequencing for songwriting without purchasing an app!