Team Building

MusicWorkshopDirect-TeamBuildingFor 22 years Sean Jesseau has led team-building collaborations helping organizations redefine and rediscover their potential. This work draws on skills in education, recreation, health, motivation and entertainment. This is offered through Music Workshop and has become an important part of the business. Drum Circles help to keep Music Workshop constantly connected to our community, region and the world in a very practical and uplifting way.

Training and team building has brought Sean into close contact with students, educators, hospitals, churches and families as well as government, industry and community groups. From Winnipeg to Sault Ste. Marie, from Toronto to North Carolina and even as far as Hawaii! Meeting the needs of these groups has enlarged the scope of Sean’s work. It has also helped Sean to identify a shared quest…


“Sean’s unique approach involves everyone, welcomes everyone and assures success for all.”
~ Margie T. Farmer
“When it comes to drums, hand drums and world percussion, Sean is one of the most diverse and knowledgeable in all of Ontario.”
~David Armstrong
Registered Music Therapist

Creating the musical and rhythmic playground where we can explore wordlessly our inter-connectivity is a part of the magic Sean provides at conferences, retreats, festivals, seminars and many other venues.



Sean’s workshops revolve around the theme of the drum circle as a model for our community or team. This is a powerful metaphor for community and because the learning is metaphoric it can penetrate to a very deep level. “Playing your own part”, “blending and harmonizing”, “listening to the group while you contribute your part”, “interdependence”, and the ” importance of all parts”! These are a few of the lessons which we learn to appreciate in a fun, relaxed, supportive and ultimately a celebratory and musical setting.

Sean provides drums and percussion instruments for all participants. Expect music, song, movement, vitality and a fresh new dynamic of appreciation, laughter and shared fulfillment among the members of your team.

MusicWorkshopDirect-TeamBuilding2We all want vitality and connection. We don’t want to feel life slipping away as we age, we want to feel more vitality, and a deeper connection to other people and to life. We need ways to be reminded of how a child sees the world and to take seriously our need for play! (But not too seriously!)

Some of our repeat participants include:

City of Thunder Bay, Lakehead University, Confederation College, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Sister Margaret Smith Centre, Wesway, Cancer Care Northwest Conference, Valley Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Thunder Bay District Health Unit, CNIB, Thunder Bay Counselling Centre, All Thunder Bay school boards, Northern Resource School Alliance, Friends of Africa, PARO, Dulcisono Choir, Camp Quality, Magnus Theatre, local churches, schools, Echoes Drum Fest (Sault Ste. Marie) and many more groups!

Experience firsthand the positive effects of team building with your group. De-stress, motivate, appreciate and boost morale! Make your next training session, conference or retreat unforgettable for all the best reasons!

Thanks for getting everyone involved. Music is awesome and a great way to get people together. The creativity and fun factor was high. Everyone had a really good time and appreciated it. Thank you!”

It was a fantastic group building and morale building exercise. I’m just really appreciative for that – we’re a whole bunch of new strangers to each other here. It’s such an interesting way to break the ice through rhythm and getting comfortable with each other even though we’re not speaking words.. I thank you a lot! It was a really great program.”